Dam in Podselo

Dam in Podselo

  • Author: Tolminski muzej

You were born in 1877 in Venice. Your name is Giuseppe Volpe. When you were a little over twenty, you set up your first business. As a fine negotiator, visionary and also to a certain extent, a volpe (fox in Italian), you and your partners manage to enter the world of various investment businesses, such as trade, development of complex devices, coal mines and the construction of power plants, ports and railways. As well as all this, you are also paving your way into the world of banking and politics. You participate in the drawing up of the Treaty of Rapallo; later you cooperate closely with Mussolini.

From film to hydro power plants 
The '30s of the twentieth century: to supplement the brilliant tourist offer in the high-end Lido you are setting up the Venice Film Festival on the one hand, while on the other, you are also obtaining concessions to use water resources, the Soča River included. You construct several hydro power plants, the most technologically advanced of the time. For the Doblar Hydro Power Plant you build up a dam on the Soča River in Podselo. 

Owl challenge

Dear time traveller, can you even imagine how the landscape looked like before the dam had been constructed?
Look at the 3D reconstruction of a former confluence of rivers, and stroll around a century-old landscape.

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