Pod Grmom Spring

Present day

  • Author: David Štulc Zornik
  • Author: David Štulc Zornik
  • Author: David Štulc Zornik

A healthy lifestyle is one of your priorities, and this is why living here in the unspoilt Soča Region particularly suits you. As the water from the public water supply system is now chlorinated, it has lost its genuine properties on its way from the spring to the tap. Therefore, you prefer water from the surrounding springs.

People still believe that water from the Pod Grmom Spring enhances eyesight. While washing and rinsing their eyes with this water, many people pray to the Christian saint St. Lucy, a martyr and patron saint of the blind. The parish church has also been consecrated to her.

Owl challenge

 The name Lucy comes from the Latin 'lux'. What does it mean?


According to older calendars, after St. Lucy’s Day, 13 December, days start to get longer. Light comes back into our lives promoting the growth of crops and improving the way we feel. 

Legend has it that St. Lucy poked her own eyes out to protect herself from an annoying suitor, and preserve her virginity. Therefore, she is often depicted with her eyes on a platter.

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