Here come the Slavs

Here come the Slavs

  • Author: David Štulc Zornik
  • Author: David Štulc Zornik

The year is 780 AD. Your name is Hotimir and you belong to a Slavic tribe. Your family, together with the cattle, moves west. You have been on the road since the summer. At the confluence of two rivers (today’s Idrija River and Soča River) you come across remains of torn down structures which you decide to use as a shelter during winter. You named the place Mirišče. You like the location, and the surroundings are suitable for cultivation of wheat and to graze your cattle. Your father has decided to set up a temporary place to live amidst the ruins.

Here is the future
Soon you meet a girl from a nearby hillfort. Even though you both spoke completely different languages you fell in love, and your family soon grew. When your father died you buried him at the cemetery intended for indigenous people. You decided not to just spend the winter here; you stayed and lived here.

Owl challenge

The first Slavic tribes to arrive to the Soča valley region were Christians. 

The Slavic immigrants brought their religion and polytheism to this area, a religious practice that was preserved for a longer period of time. 

The Slavic sanctuaries have still not been researched by archaeologists. It is likely that people in the Soča valley region also worshipped Svetovid and Triglav. Worshipping of Perun, the god of thunder, also played a significant part.

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